Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Too Darn Hot!

How do you expect to make snow when it's 90 degrees outside and the humidity is at 90 percent? Well.....

OK, so I finally admitted defeat and put summer wax on my skis and put them upstairs in the garage. But I will not take the snowtires off my way.

So, anyways. I did take out my road bike last week and joined some friends for a ride from Ludlow up to the Plymouth General Store. It's a nice cruising ride, some hills (I prefer the down part) and some nice cool spots next to the lakes and streams. If you're in the area this summer try the's about 18+ miles round trip.

I was reading those other posts and I like the sounds of that snowmaking system that makes snow during the summer.....I ventured over to NH when they attempted it a few summers ago...sadly it didn't take off. However, it might possibly be the world's largest Frozen Margarita machine. Okemo could use it at those summer concerts. Good luck keeping the kids off that big pile of margarita slush.

Did any of you see the snow report from Portillo, Chile? They have a base depth of over 13 feet....lucky dogs. Me....I'm stuck doing summer house chores like moving 8 yards of new topsoil in my back yard. I have considered making a small ski hill at home, but I can't afford the cost of diesel for the rope tow. Perhaps I'll build a luge track for next winter.

Have you started getting in shape for next season? Remember, great turns don't just need to own them. I've been running this spring....about 15-20 miles per week, with the occasional bike ride, plus many summer chores to work the upper body. Upper body you say? Yes, as much as you need strong legs, your upper body helps when you are making turns. Here's a fun leg exercise while you are mowing the lawn. BTW, this requires a push-mower. Lunge Walking. As you walk behind your mower, lengthen your stance and allow your fowrad foot to be a bit farther forward and flex down until your upper and lower leg create a 90 degree angle, then rise up and step forward onto your other foot and repeat the process as you mow. FYI: your neighbor's might think you are a bit nuts, so confirm they worst fears and wear your ski helmet or a winter hat while mowing the yard. If it's really warm I suggest a baseball cap with goggles. Try these for even just part of your yard and you'll feel the burn. By the end of summer, you'll be in much better shape. Plus, these are really good if you are considering trying Telemark skiing this winter.

Gotta run.....


Monday, June 25, 2007

Chicks Dig Us!

We received word a few weeeks ago, but I'm a firm believer in not counting chickens before they're hatched. So now it's official ... and speaking of chicks, it appears they really dig us - not the hatching kind - the ones of the female persuasion. Yup, "Golf For Women" magazine picked Okemo Valley Golf Club as one of the Top 50 Courses for Women. Be sure to pick up the July/August issue, on newstands now.

And speaking of Okemo Valley Golf Club, Willie Dunn's is now serving dinner ... and chicks dig that too (or at least I did). I dined there Saturday night with 13 of my closest friends and had a wonderful meal. Chef Craig Cornell and the staff at Willie's did a fantastic job and all 14 of us thoroughly enjoyed our dinners. I highly recommend the sauteed scallops with beurre blanc sauce. The jasmine rice was so flavorful and the grilled asparagus and summer squash reminded me that it really is summer. I also tried a couple bites of the roasted duck with Chambord glaze (I had to sacrifice a scallop in trade - but it was worth it!). The hand-cut, all natural Angus steaks were a popular choice at our table (prepared two ways that evening) and the two who ordered the Ahi Tuna ate every bite. The toughest choice came at dessert time: chocolate ganache, NY cheesecake (with three topping choices), lemon tart, creme brulee with fresh fruit ... I couldn't decide, so I opted for a cup of coffee and the enjoyment of watching everyone else gobble up their sweet delights. Check out the full dinner menu online.

With summer officially underway, it's a great time to play a late afternoon round of golf with your girlfriends and plan to stay for dinner afterward. The clubhouse patio is calling to me again already! Cheers!