Thursday, March 6, 2008

Okemo Site Back Up

Update: we're back online, including season pass sales and lodging reservations. Thanks for your patience! However, our email snow report is still not available. Be sure to visit the snow report for up-to-the-minute info.

Due to some unforseen technical issues, the Okemo website is currently down. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

The snow is awesome and we're 100% open. For up to date conditions, call our snow phone at (802) 228-1782.

For lodging and ticket information, 1-800-78-OKEMO

Hopefully we'll be back online soon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One word: WOW

This is the east coast right? And in the Northeast the weather is fickle, plain and simple. One minute sunny, one minute snowing. Today? Case in point.

I'll admit it. I did not want to ski this morning. It was drizzly, it was damp, it was foggy...just not the ideal day. But, I signed up for WAA WAA (Women's Alpine Adventures) and I LIVE for this program every year. It's amazing what you can do for your skiing with a few days, a small group and a fantastic instructor. (Sorry guys girls only this time.) Anyway, if I were to wimp out, I wouldn't be able to show my face the next morning. So I dressed, headed out and decided to make the best of it. Let me tell you, the best is exactly what we had. The snow was absolutely amazing!

Hands down, we skied through more than I thought was possible in one day. From drizzle, fog, sleet, snow, and freezing rain (can I say microdermabrasion!)... to a little wind, more snow, a few peaks of sun (yes I said sun)... and call it a day. It was insane.

But you know what? My skiing is better for it. It was fun, I learned a ton, and we had the whole mountain to ourselves. So all of you fair weather skiers, take note: if you're willing to brave the elements on a day like today, the mountain will reward you.

Time to head off and get the boots on the drier and wring out my gloves - tomorrow should be awesome!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


When my friend Lucky (yeah, that's really his name) called me yesterday afternoon and suggested meeting for first tracks on Sunday, I was the one feeling lucky that my job allows me to start the day with friends and freshies.

What a jolt ... and especially on a day like this one. It is absolutely glorious here and the conditions are simply inspiring. We headed straight for South Face, where we were met with powder-dusted packed powder corduroy. I'm such an eastern skier and I always anticipate fast snow. This morning's conditions were like a trip to a tropical island - chillin out, slowin' down taking it easy with the sun on my face - oh yeah! On the first few runs we had the entire trails to ourselves and skied right up and onto the lift where Richard, with his melodic Jamaican accent, reminded us what a beautiful mornin' it was. Richard did a little side-to-side two step as he paced the maze to a reggae beat.

When we had our fill of South Face, we took the turn down Rimrock and hopped on the Glades Peak Chair for a return to the summit. We pointed the boards down Buckhorn and as we neared the terminus of the Northstar Express, Lucky shouted, "leader's choice." I turned my skis into the hill to give him the lead and he shot down World Cup. Piles of snow were already starting to form but they were so light and fluffy that my boards sent up big clouds of powder as I crashed through. I collected my thoughts and checked my speed - reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the ride.

All good things must come to an end, and since it is a work day for me afterall, I said so-long to Lucky and made my way across the base area to my office. I persevered through the stream of eager skiers and riders headed for the lifts and their first runs of the day at the crack of ten. I felt a glib sense of satisfaction knowing that I beat them all to the punch. It was me who carved the corduroy on Turkey Shoot and made those first tracks in the snow on Stump Jumper. Ha ha ha! Cheers!