Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Walk the Nine

Okay, so maybe Johnny Cash wouldn't approve of this entry's title, but it's the first thing that came to mind.

Yesterday's threatening cloud cover had me ready to bail on a late-afternoon walk around the back nine. Luckily, the sun prevailed and my threesome was rewarded with a nice spring stroll that started on Number 10. As expected, my first time out this season began with a splash as my first tee shot fell shy of the pond's far shore.

Things improved as we went along. Great Golf Resorts of the World describes Okemo Valley's well-groomed course as "walker friendly." It is indeed, but I have to admit the walk from the 13th green to the tee box at Number 14 had us all catching our breath before teeing it up.

The tee boxes, fairways and dance floors were all in great shape. Unfortunately for me, I can also attest to the quality of the sand in the nearly 100 bunkers that are strategically sprinkled along the course. I didn't visit them all, but my random sampling was surely enough to form a conclusion.

The thing I find most challenging on OVGC's back nine is the water. Especially when I start out the round shooting at submarines. I get somewhat psyched out every time at the 16th. There's an awful lot of water between the tees and the green ... even from the ladies'. A well-fed Canada Goose was all settled in for the evening on the waterside rough, just right of the pin. There was something seriously mocking about her confidence in that position ... enough so that the thought of aiming directly at her actually crossed my mind. I visualized a shot in the rear that would send feathers flying and wings flapping. They say visualization is the key, and although the goose went unharmed, my shot made it onto the green and I made par on the hole!

Because it's fine ... I walk the nine. Cheers!