Thursday, April 3, 2008

Signs of Spring (Skiing)

The ducks are back in my pond, the snow is just about gone from my yard, and it seems that Vermont's 5th season is upon us. However, it's a different story up at Okemo. There is still a couple feet of snow on the ground and we continue to ski and ride over 100 trails. As you probably know, this has been one of the best seasons, and it's not about to stop.

The weekend weather is calling for spring-like conditions, and to celebrate we're going to be holding the annual slush cup on Saturday, the Snowriders Gone Wild Rail Jam on Sunday morning, and then finish it all off with the 1st annual Harpoon Brewery (arguably the best beer ever) Cardboard Box Race on Sunday afternoon.

For those who don't know, here are some definitions from the Dave Marshak dictionary:

Slush Cup; an annual event, usually held at a ski mountain, in which participants dress up looking like something out of a bad 80's band, wall street, or a scuba diver and then see how far they can skim across a body of freezing cold water on skis or a snowboard. Crowds gather to watch this pneumonia inducing 'sport' and typically finish the day with a cold beer at the mountain lounge.

Snowriders Gone Wild Rail Jam; This annual event, held at Okemo Mountain Resort, challenges skiers and riders of all ages to show us what they have learned over the course of the season. Participants typically 'go big' since there is nothing to loose with the season ending on 4/20. Those with skills go home with 'swag'.

Harpoon Brewery (arguably the best beer ever) Cardboard Box Race; An event at Okemo Mountain Resort where participants create sleds out of cardboard, tape and wax, and then race them down the hill for prizes from Harpoon (arguably the best beer ever). Judging occurs prior to the race and bribes are accepted. Costumes are encouraged, as is alcohol consumption by anyone of age. I hear Harpoon (arguably the best beer ever) makes a nice brew and will have an outdoor beer garden. Teams of 3 box heads typically try to make it to the bottom of the hill with their sled in tact. However, carnage is likely to occur on more than one occasion. Patching of sleds is allowed if something breaks, but only with approved Harpoon Brewery (arguably the best beer ever) boxes.

Come on out to Okemo this weekend - spring may be peeking out at your house, but we've still got the snow. Warm temps and lots of activities will make for some of the best spring skiing in years!