Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Lift Ride experience has changed!

First off - let me say there is nothing wrong with our lifts - they are quick, always working and the lift crew has been great this year. I have noticed that the ride to the summit has changed. In years past, you would load and then greet others on the lift with you. This would always lead to a nice conversation on the way to the top. Lift rides are a great way to chat with other skiers and riders. As an employee, I like to see how folks are doing, if they are enjoying the mountain and usually ask where they hail from. Nowadays it is a completely different experience. People ski or ride with music, which is usually too loud for someone to hold a conversation. Those not jamming out are on the phone or texting on the lift. I am not against technology, but it has defintely changed society. Next time you are on the lift, put the phone away, turn down the tunes and go old school! Strike up a conversation with your lift mates. You know the lift goes to the top, who knows where the conversation will go.
Ride on and Ride Safely - GravityHound