Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It may be nearly 90 degrees outside, but what’s the big news today? Snow. Or more specifically, snowmaking equipment. Okemo will be adding 100 new HKD SV-series tower guns to the fleet for this winter.  We’re calling it Operation Snowburst II.

HKD Tower Guns in action!
These snowmaking guns are highly efficient and very versatile, making it easy to adjust the flow of air and water as we transition from high to low temperature performance, without the need to change snow gun nozzles. These new additions bring our fleet total of HKD tower guns to 1,125. Wow!

These new guns will be located in the Solitude area and other mainline trails across the mountain, which allows us to react to changing temperatures more quickly and without having to move guns around in advance that night before. Less time moving guns, more time making snow. Easy, right?

What this all really means to you is that we will be able to make more snow when it really matters, and the plan is to once-again open the season with top-to-bottom skiing and riding in mid-November.

Stay tuned here and at the Okemo Facebook page for all the latest updates and photos on this project and lots more.

Can’t wait to see you back on the mountain!

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo GM