Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where are the snow guns headed?


I wanted to thank everyone who spent their Thanksgiving and Hanukkah holiday at Okemo this past weekend.  We are so appreciative of the positive comments we have been receiving.  I can assure you that I pass them right along to our snowmakers and groomers.  The entire Mountain Operations team has been hard at work doing their part.

The weather this week has done a flip flop, so we have had to deal with some cloudy skies with some fog mixed in and temperatures above snowmaking thresholds.  It has allowed us to move some guns, make some minor repairs, give the staff some rest and be poised to go hard when it turns cold this coming weekend.  Snowmaking temperatures look to return by Friday. 

Guns ready to go on the Sachem trail
Jackson Gore is ready and will be opening on Thursday. The new guns have really helped us in many ways and opening of Jackson Gore with limited temperatures is just another example.  Our plan now will be to head towards Quantum Leap in Jackson Gore as well as head towards Sachem, finish Moonshadow, head towards Line Drive under the Morningstar lift, get Bull Run open as well as begin the trek into South Face.  We are anticipating winter to settle in somewhat more which should mean colder temperatures to stick around.  There is also some talk of snow early next week.  Look for some more different things done like we did on The Plunge this past weekend.  Leaving the snowmaking piles as they were made for some exciting skiing and riding and a little twist in things. There are also moguls on Sel’s choice as of today.

I know that early December is a busy time in everyone’s life, but I do hope that you can break away and sample some of this great early season skiing and riding.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the snow.  Let me know how we are doing.  Feel free to email at bschmidt@okemo.com

Bruce Schmidt

Okemo GM