Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ludlow got a makeover!

If you haven't been up to Ludlow this summer, you're in for a nice surprise on that first trek this season. Roadwork started in May, and while it was particularly painful for those of us that commute from points South of Ludlow, it was well worth it in the end.

VT Route 103, from Chester to Ludlow has been completely regraded, repaved, repainted and new guard rails now sparkle on either side of the road.

Plus! - the crosswalks in downtown were all redone in brick and new lamposts line the streets. Should make for a great Norman Rockwell scene come winter.

Kudos to all the road and paving crews. You guys did a great job!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Okemo Icon


I normally don’t talk about individuals when I write for the blog. We are all a TEAM here at Okemo and inadvertently, I will miss someone who should be mentioned. I am going to break my own rules this time.

There was a surprise birthday celebration held at the Maintenance shop on Friday August 24th. You might ask, why would anyone have a birthday party in the end bay of the Maintenance shop? Well it was fitting that Barry Tucker was honored for a milestone birthday. Due to scheduling difficulties, I was unable to make the party, but from what I hear, it was well attended and a complete surprise to Barry. I wanted to summarize what I would have said if I had attended…..

I have known Barry Tucker most of my life, either as a ski racing figure or as an Okemo employee. You do not even have to mention his last name at Okemo. When “Barry” is mentioned, it is well known who is being described. Barry has his quirks no doubt. We all know he drives too fast. He supports his staff to the nth degree. I never knew we had so many guys in Mountain Operations who were “the backbone of the operation”……. and depending on the job that needs to be done, he’ll tell you that it will take at least 1-2 weeks longer than it really does…….

The other side of Barry is his ability to provide a special form of leadership. The type that you only read about in books. Barry leads by example and makes you want to work harder than you feel you can. His can do attitude and sense of humor makes the job go that much faster. As someone who worked side by side with Barry for over 12 years during the early Okemo construction projects, I know first hand how his presence and leadership can affect staff and the ability to complete a project.

The celebration of Barry’s birthday is also a celebration of him as an Okemo Icon. Probably many people do not even know that it took two tries to name a trail after him. The original name for “The Plunge” trail was actually “Tucker’s Revenge”. Barry did not feel that should be the name, so it was changed. When we named the trail in Jackson Gore, Tuckered Out, we did not even ask him about it. We knew the answer!!

I can honestly say that I would not be were I am today with out Barry’s help and guidance. Barry was very humbled with all the fan-fare for the celebration of his birthday and thanked everyone many times. It is probably we who should be thanking him for his part in making Okemo Mountain what it is today.

Happy Birthday to Barry Tucker from all of us at Okemo Mountain Resort.