Friday, December 5, 2008

From the inside looking out

The time is near for Okemo Parks & Pipes newest project to hit the snow. Fourteen months in R&D and production and we're now 1 week away from pulling the bus into its new home at Okemo. When the bus arrives next weekend we plan on celebrating, Okemo style. Let's get the tunes cranking and let people test this thing out!

Replacing the wall ride at the bottom of the SoBe Superpark, this new feature will be 40' of riding pleasure. You'll have a huge new curved wall ride to head up (oh yeah, it's clear too, so don't be surprised to see a park ranger in there watching you), a 32' box on the roof of the bus, and a box the size of a hood on the front. Not enough? There will be a rail in place of the bumper for those of you wishing to grind down a rail. Still not satisfied? How about tunes pumping out of the bus for your listening enjoyment?
Look for the bus next weekend and brush up on your bus riding skills. On February 28th we're throwing $1000 into the mix to see what you can bring to the table (errr bus).
See you on the hill!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taking a Load Off, One Chair at a Time

Our new unloading carpet on the South Ridge Quad B is under construction and will begin carrying skiers and boarders off the lift shortly. Working in unison with the loading carpet at the base, the unloading carpet will improve the lift's efficiency and be a welcome sight to inexperienced chairlift riders. Our staff is doing a great job of putting all the pieces together and will have us riding the wave of the future in just a couple more days. Okemo is proud to be the first ski resort in the United States to utilize this lift-unloading technology.

Simply keep the base of your skis or snowboard down when your chair reaches the conveyor belt and you'll be whisked away effortlessly onto the top of the trail. No more riding your buddy's coattail off the chair or waiting helplessly on your rump like a set of bowling pins at the bottom of the unloading ramp. Just think of all the catastrophes (and laughs) that will be avoided. Here's a short video of the carpet in action from the manufacturer. We'll be sure to give you our own take once the carpet is up and running, but in the meantime enjoy the photos.

I swung by the scene of the new unloading carpet today to find the second set of rollers installed and the belts tightly wound. Hey, if you still fall getting off the lift you can't say you didn't see the unloading carpet coming.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looking into the eyes of The Beast

Move over, The Beast is coming!

My fellow snowreporter and I hit the trails today to check out Okemo’s new grooming monster, “The Beast”, which will be making its grooming debut this season on the slopes of Okemo. This monster of a machine features a driving cabin that looks like it could launch you into outer space and tracks large enough to crush anything and everything in its path. (Luckily for us, the grooming process only takes place overnight so we won’t have to worry about crossing trails with the Beast when it’s awake.)

This machine is making its first appearance on the east coast as the newest addition to Okemo’s grooming fleet. Technically known as the Prinoth BR500, The Beast sports a 500-horsepower engine along with the ability to travel at the same speed up and downhill. Outfitted with a 24-foot-wide tiller and a 20-foot-wide blade, this “Beast” is the largest groomer of its kind and will help us bring you even more comfortable corduroy out on the slopes this year!

Feast your Eyes on Some Rail Jam Photos!

Check out the photos of yesterday's "What I Learned This Summer Rail Jam." The event was a huge success! Thanks to the 40 competitors for giving it their all on our 115 foot straight box and keeping the vibe at the contest very fun and mellow. Also, thanks to all the spectators and Okemo staff who helped make the season's first ski/snowboard contest better than ever imagined. Look for video footage of the rail jam later this week in the Video of the Week section at the top of our homepage.

Special congrats to our winners:

Mens Under 16 Ski – Parker Clarkson

Mens 16 and over Ski – Dale Talkington

Mens Under 16 Board – Luke Sundean

Mens 16 and over Board – Benji Farrow

Women’s over 16 Board – Maggie Seiple