Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parrothead Paradise

On my drive to work today I was glad to see this ever changing sign now reading "Parrothead Paradise". It prompted me to think about all the great activities going on at Okemo this year including the 3rd annual Parrothead Party on October 10th. We welcome back Changes in Latitudes to put you in a beach mood one last time before winter, and this year to get the party started we'll have the high energy reggae funk band Spiritual Rez opening for CIL.

You don't have to wait for October to enjoy summer and great music though. The Jackson Gore Music Series is in full swing. Tomorrow (June 26th) we host The Vermont Symphony Orchestra in their annual summer tour. Tickets are on sale at Coleman Brook Tavern, online at, or at the gate. It's sure to be a great evening ending with a fantastic fireworks display!

July 3rd we welcome back local band Twiddle as the free Friday night series continues. Each Friday the Coleman Brook Tavern BBQ is cooking up the best ribs, chicken, and burgers around, and we have cold beer on tap from Bud Light as well as local favorites in bottles.

Speaking of the best brews, on August 8th Okemo will hold the first annual Hops in the Hills beer festival. We'll welcome local and regional brews by Harpoon, Long Trail, Magic Hat, Otter Creek, Sam Adams, and many others. The afternoon kicks off at 1pm, just about the time you'll be getting back from the Heart of the Valley bike ride, with a BBQ and great blues music from The Chris Kleeman Band and Nobby Reed.

That's the 411 from the events department. Summer is here (temps in the 80's today!) and we're ready to have some fun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Only in Vermont

For those of you who picture Vermont as the quintessential place to be, to get away from the daily rat race of life, then this is for you. As I drove to the mountain this morning, and turned up the Mountain Road toward the clock tower base area, I drove past a maple syrup sap bucket top. Yup, the top of one of those buckets you see stuck to the side of a Maple tree in early Spring. It's that piece that looks like a little a-frame house perched on top of the bucket.

In other places I've lived, I would likely drive by the mysterious "single sneaker", or other unique things like muffler parts, road kill, etc. Only in Vermont can you drive by sap bucket parts on the side of the road. And the odd thing's almost July. We don't tap trees this late in the year.

It just reminds me of what a wonderful place Vermont is. (yeah, I know...I left it dangling). The range of tradition and technology in this state is pretty dramatic. I'm writing this down in a blog, which sends out across the Internet and I just passed by a symbol of tradition which is hundreds of years old. That's pretty cool.

Today's Suggestion: Remember to look around you even on your way to work

Have a good day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey kids, how about some golf?

My dad was an avid golfer and my mom referred to herself as a golf widow. The shelves of our den were lined with Dad's trophies and tournament loving cups. Mom especially liked it when Dad brought home a new electric percolator or frying pan - what can I say? It was the '60s.

Dad turned our suburban backyard into a pitch-and-putt course for a few years. He planted some tin cans and even crafted pins. With such a passion for the sport, it was surprising to see his reaction when one of his golf buddies gave me a set of clubs for my eighth birthday. They were miniature clubs in a pint-sized bag that his daughter had long outgrown. My dad wasn't particularly thrilled by this kind gesture. He showed me how to hold the clubs and sent me off into the backyard to whack some colorful plastic balls around. I imagine he felt that I was dangerously close to infringing on the one thing where he found escape from his Leave-it-to-Beaver homelife. And I was somehow cognicent of that - even then.

Ironically, it wasn't until after my dad passed away and I claimed his clubs, that I took up the game of golf. I've been at it for a few years now and I can't help wonder how different things would be if I had showed a real interest back then. Here's a little encouragement to all you youngsters out there ...

Okemo Valley Golf Club is an ideal facility for introducing youngsters to the game of golf. Starting June 27, OVGC will host a series of junior clinics, from 2:30 to 4 p.m., every Saturday afternoon through August 1. The fee is $20 per clinic or $100 for all six. For more advanced young golfers, OVGC offers a Junior Golf Camp July 7-10. Instruction will run from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. each day. The fee is $350.

To reserve a spot in the camp or in one of the clinics, call (802) 228-1396. Cheers!