Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's Up?


The leaves are starting to come out and stick season is behind us. Many departments have been working hard cleaning up from the winter be it either inside or outside. Spring-cleaning takes on a completely new meaning after the winter season.

Many of you are probably wondering what is going to be happening around the mountain this summer. I am here to tell you we are planning many projects. The capital budget will be in excess of $1.2 million with many of the enhancements directly affecting our resort guests both summer and winter. Now while these have been approved, there is still the “subject to change” clause depending on permits, cost estimates as well as timing during the summer.

There will be two new ski trails in Jackson Gore. These trails were laid out during the initial Jackson Gore construction, but never fully completed. The Mountain Operations staff has begun clearing the trails and will have them ready for the winter ski season.
Adding a loading and unloading carpet to one of the South Ridge Quad Chairlift. This will help with the loading and unloading for our newer skiers.
New HKD snowguns to be added to some of the snowmaking trails
Remodeling of the ski shop cashier locations. There will be a cashier island located near the front door to make for a smoother cashing out experience.
Adding some kitchen equipment and hood space to allow more culinary options in the Coleman Brook Tavern.
Addition of almost $150,000 in ski & snowboard rental equipment to our existing rental fleet.
Addition of new Nordic rental equipment to the rental fleet.
Add sprinkler fire suppression system to the Icehouse so it can be used for concert events.
Miscellaneous other items in many departments.

So look for these projects beginning around the mountain.

Bruce Schmidt
Vice-President & General Manager

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yet Another Sign of Spring

Sure there are buds on the trees, the golf courses are open, as is Willie's, but the surest sign of spring occurs (appropriately) at the Spring House at Jackson Gore where we hosted our first water aerobics class of the summer of 2008. Why does this simple form of exercise signify spring you ask- most of the swimmers have recently returned from warmer climates where they spend the winters...some call them snowbirds. And you can be sure that they don't return until spring has sprung!

Today we swam with 9 happy locals and we're always looking to add to our flock! Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM we'll workout in the water. Coincidentally, Tuesdays and Thursdays are also Senior Days- a Spring House day pass for those 65 years young and up is only $3 plus tax and water aerobics is included!

Stop on by the Spring House and start getting your body ready for summer!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Changing of Seasons

Wow, things are really starting to green up around the resort. Yes, there is still a bit of snow on the mountain (it is amazing how much there really was!) but the golf courses at Okemo Valley and Tater Hill are both open for business!

I'm also excited that my favorite summertime restaurant is back open for business as of Friday. Willie Dunn's Grille at the Okemo Valley Golf Course is the perfect escape from the office on a warm day. You can sit out on the patio and enjoy a great view of the 18th hole, and the food is always amazing. My favorite? The Mulligan - a pannini style sandwich with roasted turkey, melted provolone cheese and pesto. It is awesome. In fact, I'm headed there today for my first lunch of the season!