Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obama buys $600 million in hybrid cars - Okemo gives away a 1992 Camaro

Joey's rejoice - your economic stimulus package has arrived. March 28th marks the date for what some are calling the oddest event to hit a ski area in years. Others don't know what to call it. It is, simply put, the Joey Jam. Chock full of rear-entry ski boots and NFL jackets, the Joey Jam will surely put a smile on your face with funny prizes, comedians showing off their best impressions of the infamous Joey, and celebrity judges throwing what little bit of dignity we had left down the ski slope. Registration is open and space is limited, so head on over to to register for this epic event.

The idea was created late in the 2007-2008 ski season and has picked up followers as we near the competition date. A kamikaze budget item, once created as a way to distract upper level management from more reasonable needs, it has now grown into what may be the largest event of the year.

Ski shops across the northeast are excited about the event as well. We recently ran across this blog from Pioneers Surf Skate and Snow shop in North Hampton NH. They have hailed the Joey Jam as "...possibly one of the greatest events to be held in New England, possibly the world". Their words, not ours. In any case, Pioneers looks like they are helping to spread the good word, and if you don't want our sexy "purple haze" Camaro you can trade it in at Pioneers for "a head to toe outfit along with a board package". If you ask me, this sounds like a challenge for other ski shops in the North East!

So get our your best jeans, your chromed goggles, your headbands and ear warmers, and go sign up on to be part of.... "...possibly the greatest event in the world".

....To Be Continued

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deep Presidents' Weekend Thoughts...

Do you think Abraham Lincoln would ski or ride, had he been living today (and wasn't, like, 200 years old)? My wife and I have had several deep discussions on this very subject, usually in the middle of the night:

Me: I think Abraham Lincoln would have been a pretty good skier, you know? Probably a telemarker. Maybe a snowboarder. But he was just so tall and lanky... I just think that he would've been a graceful, speedy, blue-groomer-kinda guy. Fleece stovepipe hat, ice on the chin beard, the works. "Four score and twenty minutes ago... I shredded that gnar!" "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right for big air and tasty rails..."

My Wife: Um... hon? You really need to stop eating buffalo wings right before bed.

(So it isn't really a "deep discussion" so much as proof that my wife is a patient woman. Sue me.)

Here's my question for you, Dear Readers (all twelve of you): Abe Lincoln, Great Emancipator, Savior of the Union and Our Greatest President: Skier or snowboarder? Discuss...

Okemo in under $50 a day!

Food. I love food. Who doesn't love food?

I recently challenged myself to a "whisk around Okemo Mountain" on under $50 a day... think I can do it?

8 am rise and shine - head to the mountain. For breakfast it's a quick stop at Cool Beans in the Okemo Clocktower Base Lodge for breakfast. That way I'm just steps from the chair. Gotta start my day with a hot VT brewed coffee and a freshly baked scone. Hey, there's fruit in it! 5.10 including tax.

11:45 am and it's ePIC at Solitude for lunch - a ski-in/ski-out mid-mountain restaurant, and my personal favorite. Stopping just before noon to hopefully get right in with a fireside table.

To start I go with a Soup Trio - I get a taste of three amazing hot soups in one entree - it's a nobrainer really at just $8. I follow that up with Pan Seared Scallops - a little protein served with a small salad - now we're talking. Just $11. To drink? Water with lemon. I need to rehydrate after a full morning of skiing. With tax and tip we're sitting right around $24.

2:30 or so and it's time for a Snack and bathroom break back at the Clocktower Base Lodge. I grab a bag of trail mix with peanuts, raisins and chocolate from the Base68 Cafe and hit the water fountain on the way back out the door. $4.30 including tax.

When the lifts close at 4 it's back inside - and the Sitting Bull is alive with entertainment. Great place to end the day. I'm not super hungry after a big lunch, so a hot cheese quesadilla packed with melted cheese, onions and peppers served with fresh salsa and sour cream and a cold Sam Adams hits the spot for dinner. With tax and tip its $14.98.

My grand total for the day? $48.38.

What's your favorite restaurant at Okemo?