Friday, October 31, 2008

Snowmaking Begins!

Spooktacular news for Halloween - Okemo is going to start making snow this weekend! Opening day is a mere 15 days away. How's that for a treat!?

Stay tuned to our snow report for all the latest.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Farmer's Almanac Says...

Well folks, I know it’s only October but get ready to break out those flannels and long johns, and keep your boots and shovels nearby because according to the 2008 Farmer’s Almanac, this winter is going to be a harsh one for the east. I use the word “harsh” cautiously because I came to the realization the other day, when talking with a friend, how very different the winter mindset is amongst skiers/riders versus people who do not like to participate in winter sports. When conversing with her I brought up how excited I was about the winter to come and getting back out on the slopes again, and proceeded to mention how awesome this season is expected to be according to the Farmer’s Almanac (I really don’t know where this “farmer” information comes from but I’ve come to know it to be surprisingly accurate). Anyways, to this comment she quickly responded by saying, “Really, I heard it was supposed to be a horrible winter!” Puzzled, I looked at her for a second and then said, “Wait a minute…what do you mean a horrible winter?” To which she responded, “Like really cold and snowy.”

I laughed, and at that moment realized just how different the skier/snowboarder mentality is from those “others”, and then rejoiced in the fact that my information had been confirmed. So get excited folks, because whether or not you’ve heard it’s going to be an awesome or dreadful winter, it’s official that we are (according to the Farmers) in store for a cold and awesomely snowy season to come. Whether you are a skier/snowboarder or a hater of the winter season, get out those layers and thick socks. And if you do happen to be one of those winter-haters, stop sulking over cold weather, bundle up, and get your butts out on the slopes to have some fun! You can be sure that us skiers and boarders won’t be staying in and pouting over the “horrible” weather. We will be riding and enjoying this sweetness all winter long! Get ready…snow is coming!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Season's First Tracks

If faced with the ultimatum of choosing either oxygen or snowboarding, I think our events guys, Jeff, would choose snowboarding. And if faced with the choice of not snowboarding another day or snowboarding on a few inches of snow with mud and rocks in the mix, he’d strap in and throw a rocky, muddy blast of snow in your general direction. This guy is so amped up for the season to start it’s contagious, and I really wish I had taken his word for it when he told me yesterday that he was riding this morning.

We loaded into the Okemobile and gunned it for the summit this morning. At the top, I stood and watched in a frozen stupor as Jeff laced up, strapped in, and rode down the mountain until he disappeared from sight. Then I turned to my snow reporting colleague, Sara, and asked, “Did Jeff give you the car keys?” Only one person can claim first tracks each year on the mountain, and only a few can say they’ve ridden in October. Jeff added both notches to his snowboarding belt this morning, and officially rang in the start to another great winter of skiing and riding at Okemo.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Snow is coming; I can feel it in my hip!"

The skies look angry this afternoon, and it makes me happy to see them that way. Thanks to breakthroughs in weather forecasting technology, I know it’s not the apocalypse approaching but in fact something much more alarming—a snowstorm. Sorry, I try not to throw that word around lightly because I know it can cause the kind of involuntary, jubilation-induced spasms that will have your coworkers suspiciously rescheduling their plans to go out to lunch with you. But yes, there’s a snowstorm approaching us that could bring up to half a foot of snow!

There’s no doubt something is brewing out there, but with temperatures still in the 40s at the moment, we’re pulling out all of our good-luck charms for this one to come together. Some are saying it's too early for such a big snowfall. Our snowmaking crew pleaded with the storm, trying to get it to save the snow for November, but not I. Sure we may not be able to ski and ride just yet, even if we do get the forecasted amounts, but at least it’ll be a nice backdrop for when I go trick-or-treating in my abominable snowman costume on Friday.