Thursday, February 16, 2012

You can count on us


The snow guns are continuing to roar. Okemo has been making snow this week as we head into the Presidents vacation week. This past week we made snow on Upper Chief, both the Clocktower base area and the Jackson Gore base area trails, as well as many of the main line trails including Lower Arrow, all the Solitude trails and the Sachem Trail.

Okemo is going to continue to make snow as we go thru February. Our concentration will be on the different lift pods on the Main Mountain and Jackson Gore. We plan to build base depths and enhance the surface conditions as we head into March. No doubt we will need to pick and choose trails, and some trails won’t be made on, but we will be making on your favorites and many others.

Many people have been asking about the season and what Okemo's plans are for the spring. Okemo is a major Vermont Ski Resort and thus we will continue to fill our role. Okemo plans to stay open into early April, Mother Nature willing. Now there are many things that can happen no doubt, but you need to be confident that all of us here at Okemo will do all we can to keep skiing and riding. Okemo will be there to continue to provide the skiing product so our very important guests can have a place to take to the slopes. This ski season has been a challenging one, but people are still coming to Ludlow and Okemo. The Okemo Valley relies on Okemo to provide the best vacation experience possible and we will continue to work hard to do that each and every day as we head into spring.

The entire Okemo staff has been working hard to deal with the challenges this year and try to outsmart Mother Nature. Hopefully you, our guests have realized this effort and have not been impacted too much.

Think snow and thanks for skiing and riding with us. If you want to follow what is going on from my desk, follow me on twitter @okemogm

See you on the slopes,

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo GM