Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Excitement is Beginning.......


I get asked all the time, #1. How much snow are we getting?  #2. Are you making snow yet?  And now this week, #3. What is going to happen with this Hurricane?  Here are my answers.  #1. 176 inches. Calvin the Catamount told me.  There is no way we can have a no-snow season 2 years in a row. #2. Not yet, but we are prepared and when we see envision extended cold, the guns will roar. #3. I think we will get a strong rain storm. Possible elevation snow above 2800 feet and some wind. I predict it will focus on Maine area when it comes ashore. 

So there you have it. Things I get asked every day! As the GM of Okemo, I am expected to know a few things.  To be honest, if it wasn’t for our paid weatherman, a few selective weather web sites and some experience, I wouldn’t be able to answer the questions either.  I know when we will make snow, obviously when it gets cold, but we rely on others to help us navigate many of the other challenges that we face or expect to face.  This time of the year is some of my favorite months. Soccer, another passion of mine, is in full swing, Skiing is getting ready to begin soon, another passion of mind, and every day there is something new to deal with.  It is great to see new staff come to work with energy and vigor. It brings everyone else up too.  Old friends return to get their seasons pass, new friends purchase seasons passes for the first time.  Full time staff are working on finishing up taking their vacation time.  Many staff are avid outdoorsmen and are either hunting now or preparing to hunt.

There is also a beehive of activity on the inside getting ready for the season. You will be able to get your Starbuck’s fix in the Clocktower base lodge this year. We have expanded our franchise to have two kiosks to sell Starbucks coffee around the mountain.  The rental shop had some minor expansion with wall removal. New carpet in the Sugar House and summit lodge and also some laid down in the Jackson Gore skier services area.

Here is a photo of the new gladded trails that were cut this summer.  As soon as there is enough powder, look to track some freshies. 

Opening day is scheduled for Saturday November 17th.  Snowmaking will begin in Early November as we begin to see a string of cold weather. Reminder Daylight savings time takes effect on Sunday Morning November 4, 2012.

Bruce Schmidt

Okemo GM