Saturday, April 4, 2009

Splish Splash - It's a Springtime Bash!

The 2008/2009 ski and snowboard season is approaching its end but we wouldn't let is slip away without our annual excuse for springtime zaniness. It's time for slushpond skimming, making a splash and cardboard box racing at Okemo. What was originally scheduled as an entire weekend of wackiness has been condensed into a single-day triathlon of tomfoolery tomorrow, April 5.

Registration for the 2nd annual Harpoon Cardboard Box Race, the Okemo Slush Cup and the Killarney Splash for Cash will take place from 8-10 a.m. in the main base lodge.

10:30 a.m. - The Harpoon Cardboard Box Race
Contestants must build a snow-sliding racing sled out of only corrugated cardboard and tape (plus decorative features) for a wild ride down the slope on the Bull Run “Cardboard Box Raceway.” Teams of three (must be 18 or older) must accompany their sleds across the finish line. Sleds will be judged in two categories: artistry and construction. Bonus points will be awarded for team costumes. There will be awards for the fastest sled and best self destruction of a sled while on course. Join Harpoon Brewery in the Sitting Bull after the race for a frosty brew and great prizes. Discounts on Harpoon drafts will be available all day long!

Noon - Okemo Slush Cup
The object in this rite of spring is to ski or snowboard down a trail and skim across an 80-foot-long slush pond without falling into it! It’s a chilly spring dip for those who don’t make it. Open to the first 125 participants. Entry fee is $20. Participants win fabulous prizes.

1:30 (or 30 minutes after completion of the Slush Cup) - The Killarney Splash for Cash
Go big and get wet! Three small kickers will be built at the edge of the slush-cup pond. Contestants will get one shot to splash big. Best freestyle tricks and biggest splashes will win top honors. Two age category winners will split the registration fees and go home with some soggy dollars in their pockets!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Joeys have Jammed

It's been almost a week now since the Joey Jam at Okemo, but only 2 days since I've seen the Camaro. Our winner, a local from Ludlow, drove the car back to Okemo on Wednesday to pick up his new ski rack from Thule and to do some riding on the mountain. The car is running great and he couldn't be happier.

The event was memorable to say the least. A total of 58 competitors skied, snoboarded, monoskied, snow skated, and most of all, fell down the mountain. The tricks were amazing. The butter box moves were delightful. The costumes were unreal. The judges had their work cut out, but managed to find a winner. A Joey among Joeys. King Joey if you will. The keys were handed over and our famed Joey drove off into the sunset in his new (to him) 1992 Camaro RS.

A big thank you to all who particpated, and a shout out to those who watched and cheered. The 60 degree weather, the sunshine, the cold Sam Adams Lager just feet away, the smell of the BBQ all made the event stand out as a great day at Okemo.

Check out the video of the week at for a hilarious recap of the event, or head over to youtube and see what CederSports put together!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

That's a lot of creamed corn and tuna!

Thank you to everyone who made Okemo's April Fool Food Drive such a tremendous success!We delivered way over 4,000 cans, boxes and packages of food to the Black River Good Neighbors Food Shelf yesterday afternoon. Those good folks provide assistance to the entire Okemo Valley region. In these difficult financial times, it's good to know that the pantry is well stocked. Thank you. Cheers!