Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yurts Yearning for new Homes - Props to MTN Ops!

I showed up for work today to see the parking lot coned off. I thought to myself, oh, they must be repaving the lot at the administration building. I couldn't have been more wrong. At about 9:30am a low-boy trailer showed up carrying a yurt. Our mountain operations staff had managed to move this huge structure early in the morning, put it on a trailer at the Solitude Lodge, and drive it down the hill to the Clocktower base area! With about 15 guys on hand, and one very skilled driver, the Yurt was quickly delivered to its new home, right next to the rental shop. This year the yurt will house the Salomon and Atomic Demo Center, a great place to go demo the latest equipment and have a tune done on your current skis.

Props to the Mountain Ops team for carefully moving the building into place. It amazes me what the staff here can do.

One thing to note though - while watching them I could only laugh and think about "that guy with his hand on the mattress on top of his car"! Apparently we hired all our ops guys straight out of ESPN's World's Strongest Man competitions.

Box o' Bees

Literally. Take a look at where these little creatures set up shop for the summer! Sorry guys, the fun is officially over!!!