Friday, November 13, 2009

Just One More Week... We Can Do It!!!

Here we are, in the final week before our anticipated opening day for the 09.10 season -- November 21! I tore through my closet the other day and made two piles: one full of the stuff I'll be using in a few days and one full of stuff I'll be selling. The annual Ski & Ride Swap for the benefit of the Okemo Mountain School is coming up this Friday, Nov. 20th - 22nd. I plan on making bank and walking away with a wad of cash, which I will then promptly spend on more new gear (and the vicious cycle continues infinitely). I'm telling you, I need to get out on the slopes already because all this idle time is bad for my bank account. Luckily though, the Ski & Ride Swap has a lot of great deals on both new and used equipment, including hard and soft goods. Also, I just took a stroll through the Snowsports Shop and they have a lot of really great gear from companies like Grenade, Quicksilver, Burton, Bern and Oakley. That place is dangerous, and I like it!

A little bird told me about a special promo going on right now on the official Okemo Mountain Facebook page. Something about the 12 days of Okemo and an exclusive Facebook opening day... That's all I'm saying, or that little bird might morph into Big Bird (Happy 40th Anniversary by the way!) and put a hurtin' on me when he finds all these people on his beloved ski slope.

Alright, I obviously need to get out on the snow soon... very, very soon. It won't be long now. In the meantime, join me on Twitter (@OkemoMountainRoadie). You can also add @RafaelOkemo (my snow-reporting compadre) and the mothership -- @OkemoMountain. Snow reports, special offers, some juicy insider info, and more of my incoherent ramblings are all included free of charge. Enjoy, and we'll catch you on the slopes soon!

P.S. - Look out for Okemo Mountain next week in Boston. We'll be at the Boston Globe Ski & Snowboard Expo from November 19 - 22 at the Bayside Expo Center. A lot of shenanigans will be going on, for sure, so don't miss out on this legendary tribute to the upcoming season.

And while you're in Boston feast your eyes on what's already being called one of the greatest ski films ever made-- The Edge of Never. It will be premiering in the Boston area on the 17th and 18th.