Friday, October 19, 2007

Parents Magazine Picks Okemo!

In the November issue of Parents, Okemo is one of four resorts (and the only one in the East) highlighted in their travel feature titled "Snow Much Fun!" Executive Editor Kate Lawler asks, "Looking for a great family getaway this winter? Check out one of these kid-friendly ski resorts."

She starts her review of Okemo, "Popular with East Coasters, this resort is stepping up its services for parents and kids alike."

It's always interesting to see a magazine's top picks for a story like this and Okemo is in some good company here. Other resorts featured are: Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Beaver Creek, Colorado; and Northstar at Tahoe, California.

The November issue of Parents is on newsstands now, so pick up a copy. And if family travel is of particular interest to you, you can pick up some great tips at the magazine's blog Wish You Were Here. Cheers!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Opening Day Less Than a Month Away!?

I have to admit that I'm as thankful as the next person for the extended summer-like weather ... one more round of golf, a little extra time in the garden, another visit to the farmers' market and one last hike in shorts and a t-shirt. But winter will be here in a flash and Okemo's crackerjack team of snowmakers is already keeping an eye on the sky for cooler temperatures and the call to action. These guys have it down to a science and will take no time at all to turn grassy hillsides into snow-covered ski slopes.

We're ready for winter ... are you?

Okemo's "Get In Snow Shape" Lodging Package is book-able online right now and includes:
-Friday and Saturday night deluxe accommodations at the Jackson Gore Inn
-Access to the new Spring House fitness and aquatic center
-A ski- and snowboard-specific pilates class
-An hour with a personal trainer to develop a fall workout program
-An Okemo water bottle to keep you hydrated while you are working out!

See you on the slopes soon. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Say No to Butts

I had the fortunate experience last spring of joining Green Up Day at Okemo. Honestly, it was a lot of fun - getting outdoors during those few first warm days and soaking up the sun, and of course cleaning away all the trash from a season gone by. Heck, anything to spend a day outside away from my computer right?

Anyway, you wouldn't believe what we found. Dirty diapers (okay, that's gross), ski poles, socks and mittens, some loose change (but not much), the backs of lift tickets ( ALOT!), tons of soda and beer cans... but by far the most?
Cigarette butts. We probably picked up 1,000 butts each (there were about 10 of us, including Tim Mueller himself). The bad news was there were about 500,000 more we didn't. It honestly looked like it had hailed cigarette butts. We could have spent a week just picking them up.

So here is my plea: if you do smoke, I am begging you not to drop your butts on the snow in the base area this year. Pretty please? I don't want to have to pick them up come Spring. I know, selfish me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Base Lodge Retro Redo

Did you know the Okemo clocktower Base Lodge was originally built forty years ago? Okay, maybe you did. :} Well, it got a facelift.

The redo became the summer project of Okemo owner Diane Mueller. And, if you know Diane, you should know that when she sets her mind to something you better watch out. No cheating, no cutting corners. The inside of the base lodge is now vintage 1968, and the cafeteria is now known as "Base68".

So, what’s old is new again with some crazy avocado green paint, funky carpeting, all new chairs, and ORANGE Formica countertops! Skeptical myself, I took a walk up yesterday to view the "work of art". I left pleasantly surprised... it really does look good!

Now I could post a picture so you could get a little preview....but that would take away all the fun. I might just make you wait and come see it up close and personal. What do you think?