Friday, November 19, 2010

Snowmaking resumes!

The temps we have been waiting for finally arrived last night! Our snowmaking team fired up the guns on some lower sections of the mountain around 10:00pm Thursday night and continued this morning firing up the guns on World Cup around 2:00am.

Your loyal snow reporters, Sarah and Pete, along with our new videographer Chuck, took a morning trek up to the summit to see the action and watch a breathtaking sunrise over the Village of Ludlow. The forecast looking into the weekend should make for more 'making, so keep your fingers crossed that the temps stay low, do your snow dance, whatever! Just think snow, snow, SNOW!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good temps to come

At last it seems that Mother Nature wants to play ball! The weather outlook, while wet and warm the last few days, is starting to look up, or cold to be more precise. Barry and the boys of Mountain Ops have checked, double checked, and readied all the equipment to turn out a fabulous season; starting tonight it is looking like they can begin doing exactly that!

Over the next few nights we are expecting to get temperatures that will allow for aggressive snowmaking and bring us one step closer to getting on the slopes ASAP! "It would seem that our next chance to open will probably be around the middle of next week," says Vice-President and General Manager, Bruce Schmidt. "If we can get open before Thanksgiving we no doubt will be trying!"

Stay tuned to the snow report for weather updates, and this blog for snowmaking progress as we head into the weekend.

Think cold and think snow!