Saturday, January 10, 2009

Six Feet of Snow

Isn't it funny how a turn of phrase can trigger memories? Reading Tom's snow report yesterday brought me back to those road trip selects tapes we always made. Little Feat always made the cut and there was nothing like harmonizing to Lowell George singing Six Feet of Snow.

That's a lot of snow! When you consider how early in the season it is, that's pretty impressive. Despite all that natural snowfall, Okemo's VP of Operations Barry Tucker assured me that his crew is "continuing to make snow aggressively." Successful resurfacing efforts brought a number of trails back online for this weekend and it looks like there's more snowfall on the way. I'm hearing 6-10 inches! Fingers crossed.

Back to Lowell ... "Don`t you know the ice and snow is sneaking in through my windows ..." Cheers!