Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News from The Hill

Last Monday, Garry Vansiclen, Tony Schwartz, Dave Surette and I attended the Pro-Senior Championship at Basin Harbour. As with most Pro-Am’s that we play in, I always think about the great chances we have on winning! This time is no different. With Garry and Tony “trending” to a low handicap and Surette (well with Dave being the SUPER STAR that he is!) this was our big chance.
As we started our long journey, it was ugly!!! Scrambling to make pars, bogying holes… Nothing was happening! After nine holes, Dave comes up with this grand idea to play for a beer. We begin our, now relaxed journey, with Garry and Dave paring with strokes, I birdie the next hole with Dave paring for a net birdie. The next hole we have pars from Tony and Dave that give us 2 net birdies. After two (basic par holes, ho hum!) Tony throws in a snake birdie for a Net 1! Garry proceeds to birdie a par 5 for a net eagle. The next hole is much the same with Tony and Dave making pars for net birdies. On our last hole,(and at this time, Tony and I are up 1 on the beer bet) dave pelts a 7 iron from 150 yards out to about 2 feet for a birdie / net eagle. So overall, we tie for the beer bet and shake hands and head into the club house. As we go into the clubhouse to pass in our card, I see that our score seems to be 3 shots ahead of the nearest competitive team?
As the BBQ was served, and all the cards were signed and passed in, TATER HILL was announced Pro – Sr Net Champions for 2009. Dave had 2 skins that totaled $110.00. Garry’s Eagle held up for a skin that gave him $45.00 and Tony’s Eagle “1” gave him $45.00. The Team Prize gave us all $118.00 each.
After it was said and done, we shot a 2 ball best ball 70 on our first nine and and 58 on the 2nd. It is fun to play with all cylinders firing. And more enjoyable to see 4 men playing a game and making a bad situation GREAT! PRO-SR STATE CHAMPIONS…… That has a great ring to it! And best of all was the beer toast at the end of the day that we all paid for individuallyJ