Monday, July 19, 2010

He's not a lawyer, but he plays one on TV

You may know him as the skeezy lawyer on Scrubs, but at Friday night's Jackson Gore Outdoor Music Series performance, Sam Lloyd showed a crowd of Beatles fans what he can do with a bass guitar. Sam and his friends from Syracuse University, aka The Butties, rocked the house with one Beatles tune after another. Most were well known, but the band showed that they really know their Fab Four history with a few obscure tunes as well.

The performance was peppered with appearances from friends doing vocals, playing drums, french horn, and a special appearance by Sam's dad, Sam Lloyd, Sr., as "The Admiral" for a heartwarming rendition of Yellow Submarine.

And if you think Sam, Sr., looks a little like Jim from Taxi or Doc Brown, from Back to the Future, just chalk it up to a family resemblance. Sam is the brother of Christopher Lloyd.

Join us this Friday night in the Jackson Gore courtyard for The Pete Kilpatrick Band. The concert is free and the music starts around 6 p.m.