Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick JG Photo Update

Lots of questions lately on progress at Jackson Gore.

I threw together a quick photo gallery with the shots I took late last week, enjoy!


Colin said...

Jackson Gore is looking good. Any updates on when the gondola is coming? Also, isn't there supposed to be a North Trail Pod coming in soon? What about the last two trails on Jackson Gore yet to open? Can we expect them for this year?

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

Although a gondola is in the master plan, there is no set date for installation. The next overhead lift slated for installation at Jackson Gore will replace the carpet lifts accessing the Bright Star Basin. I don’t have any information about a "North Trail Pod" - in fact your message is the first I’ve heard of it. I expect we’ll wait to open the final two trails on Jackson Gore until we’re able to install snowmaking on those trails. We wouldn’t want a repeat of the year we opened Big Bang and then, due to poor natural snow coverage, we were only able to open it a couple of days that first year. We’ve since installed snowmaking on that trail and Eclipse, taking our overall snowmaking coverage to 97 percent.