Sunday, December 16, 2007

Making my Job Easy!

I'd like to formally and publicly thank Mother Nature for the weather the past six weeks. As one of two Snow Reporters here, my job has been both easy and fun thanks to the seemingly endless string of good weather we've been experiencing. It's actually a ton of fun to let everyone know we just received six, eight, ten or more inches of new snow, or to announce we're opening more terrain, or even to spread the buzz about the impending opening of the SoBe Superpipe!

I've been skiing and snowboarding at Okemo since I was 12, and I can only remember one December that was anywhere near as good as this one has been so far. With the 10+ inches of new snow we have so far from today's storm, we're going to be close to 100% open in a New York minute. Not only is it fun to report we have that much terrain open, it's also going to be fun to ski and ride that much open terrain!

So thanks, Mother Nature. You've been doing a great job...keep up the good work!

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