Friday, February 29, 2008

A New February Record*?

Geez, it seems like four years since we last had a February 29th with snow this good.

Get it? 'Cause it's a leap year? And there's only one February 29 every four years, anyway? Get it? Get it? OK, it's early.

We've got ANOTHER big storm moving in here tonight, and as I type these words, we're looking at another six to nine inches of snow on top of the three and a half feet we've already gotten this February. How big a deal is that? Consider this: last year's February was the snowiest February we'd seen here in a decade... and we're on the verge of beating even THAT number.

(Oh, it just makes my inner Weather Channel geek heart go all a-flutter!)

So here's my question: if we surpass last year's total, can we still count it as a new record? Or will the extra day skew the results? Will we have to put an asterisk next to it, like every Cy Young award Roger Clemens won after 1998? Or do we get extra credit for posting, ahem, legitimate ski resort snowfall results in the first place?

(See, these are the kinds of things that actually keep me up at night. Maybe I should make sure my carbon monoxide detectors are working properly...)

Ah, well. I guess it really doesn't matter, since the end result still means a whole heckuva lotta snow on the mountain, right?


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