Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Culture in the Greens!

Boy, what an evening!

I took my sweetheart to see the Vermont Symphony Orchestra last Friday night at the base of Jackson Gore Peak. WOW! Despite the prognostications of the regional weather people, and the gloomy cloud cover at 6:30 pm, the evening was a huge success. If I didn't know any better, you'da thought that Okemo ordered up the blue skies, no bugs and perfect temperatures. Add the wonderful sounds of the VSO, some wine, cheese and crackers, a blanket and someone to share it with and do you get.....perfection!

As it turned out, the clouds and rain left the area around 6:45 pm and the sky was crystal blue, right through the sunset. It was a true Vermont summer night. All topped off with fireworks and the 1812 overture. I hope you were able to go. The VSO is still traveling around this week, so check out their website and get to one of their outdoor concerts....wonderful.

Summer 2008 has been true to form for the past few weeks, warm, humid, full of surprise thunderstorms, sunshine; great for swimming and getting outside.

And remember only 20 weeks 'til winter. Get out there and play!

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