Monday, July 14, 2008

A Tale of Two Trails

Okemo has saved the best for last. The final two trails of the original Jackson Gore layout are slated for completion in time for this winter’s ski season. For years, skiers and riders traveling to the Jackson Gore summit on the Jackson Gore Express Quad have looked longingly upon the partially cleared trails located on skier’s right halfway down Quantum Leap.

“These are not your typical Okemo trails,” says Okemo Mountain Resort VP of Operations Barry Tucker. “Offering some of the steepest pitch at Jackson Gore, they have lots of character with natural outcroppings and contours to enhance the way these trails will ski.”

Looking a little like a scene from the History Channel’s Ax Men, the summertime trail clearing at Jackson Gore took on an innovative approach to some timber removal challenges. To avoid a wetlands area located downhill from the trail-clearing operation, felled trees had to be hauled with a winch, uphill to a point where they could be loaded onto trucks and removed via Mountain Road.

Although they have not yet been named or officially ranked, Tucker thinks the new trails will be rated double black diamond. One of the new trails will measure about 1,000-feet long and the other will be about 2,600-feet long. The latter will have a vertical drop of 850 feet. Together, the new trails will add about eight acres to Okemo’s skiable acreage total – now 632 acres.


snowmaker said...

Any pictures?

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

I know our Director of Marketing hiked the new trails last night and commented on how nicely they are coming along - with grass growing well, etc... I will try to pin him down to see if he got some photos.