Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Woke this morning to the sound of thunder

Sorry, I couldn't resist the reference. It seems like posts to this blog are always starting with lyrics to some old tune.

This morning the sun was streaming in my bedroom window, but I could here thunder off in the distance. By the time I'd gotten out of bed, walked the dogs and pulled on some work clothes, the heavens had opened and it was raining in the windows of my living room...buckets, pure buckets of water. Crazy weather this summer. And yes, until we have a deep frost (which could be happening on Wednesday night) I still consider it summertime.

The last 2 weeks of August were absolutely gorgeous weather, full of sun, no humidity and nice temperatures too. As of last Friday, things changed again. We've been experiencing the leftovers from those hurricanes which have been battering the southern United States, along with Haiti and Cuba.

The great part about all this precipitation (warm snow, snow in practice - call it what you will) is that is keep the trees all soaked up, plus it is filling the snow making ponds. With only 60-70 days (my estimate only) before the snowguns start blasting out white stuff again, it's a good thing to get all this rain.

The foliage should be coming into peak during the next 3-4 weeks and then it's all downhill into snow season. I can't wait. I've been riding my bicycle this summer and getting in shape for making turns this winter. Lots of hills and the miles have been adding up. The September issue of SKI magazine arrived last week, so I've been reading about some of the new gear that's out on the market.

Have you been getting ready? for starters, get our your videos, what some images of snow, get out and start walking and then dust off your gear. It's coming up fast. Don't Delay.

Have a good one.


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