Friday, October 24, 2008

All Aboard the SoBe Bus

The snowboarders on the bus jib all around the roof, all around the roof, all around the roof…

That may not be the same old tune you sang back in kindergarten, but this isn’t the same old bus either. Okemo’s park and pipe crew took it up a notch with this one. We gave them an old SoBe school bus, and they turned it into a fun house. This behemoth will park itself at the bottom of the SoBe Superpark (formerly the Nor’Easter terrain park). Not only is it a playground for skiers and snowboarders, but it’s going to be packed with a stereo system that’ll trigger avalanches in Argentina. The park guys are working hard to get it ready for our anticipated opening on November 15 so no one “misses the bus” when it comes time to shred the roof off.

Let’s not forget to give the Okemo Mountain park and pipes crew big props for helping Okemo take top spots in this year’s Transworld Snowboarding East Coast Resort Poll. Okemo placed in the top five in all three categories: overall resorts, top pipes, and top parks.

I wonder what song they’ll play out of the SoBe bus first? How about Kriss Kross’s “I missed the bus?”

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