Monday, November 17, 2008

5 Days till Riding... :-)

We’re down to the final stretch. Opening day is almost here and it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been out boarding on the snow. Recently I’ve been craving getting out on the snow so bad due to my large dosage and intake of ski/board movies this past weekend. My ultimate favorite, which I have watched about three times now in the past few days (and am now thinking I may have to watch again tonight), is Warren Miller’s Playground. This movie shows some sick locations around the world that skiers and boarders travel to in order to get their fix of adrenaline through their love of snowsports, and on top of that it has a sweet soundtrack! These places they visit have more fresh powder than I could ever dream of, with terrain so steep and extreme, and cliffs so high you get chills while watching. But if you share the same love of snowsports, no matter how scaled down your own boarding actions and available mountains may be, you can’t help but get drawn in while watching and dream of what you may be capable of yourself.

Now, I don’t expect to be featured in any Warren Miller movies anytime soon, but the excitement and energy of the pros featured in the film is contagious. Watching all the speed and air some of these riders catch on the mountains has gotten me so excited about trying to conquer some of those huge jumps that are often laid out across the Superpark on Nor’easter. In the past I’ve been incredibly intimidated by most of the jumps in Okemo’s parks, but this year it will be different. Because firstly, this year will be the most time I’ve ever spent on my snowboard and I intend on pushing my limits as far as I possibly can, and secondly I am awaiting the arrival of my helmet in the mail. I've never worn one before but I have changed my ways and decided to deal with the "hair effect" and I’m hoping this will not only boost my level of safety but give me that “whatever, I’m just going to go for it” attitude when riding the mountain. I will state now, that it is my personal goal this year, not only to improve my skills overall, but to conquer (and land) the massive bumps and jumps in the terrain park and possibly even the Superpipe. I say that last part with caution because it is still early in the season, and I’m unsure if the pipe is a little too ambitious. But we’ll see, and I will try. And at least I’ll have my helmet now.

The picture you see on this post, that will be me this season.

P.S. If you haven’t watched this Playground movie yet, I highly recommend it. I also would like to use the end of this “p.s.” segment of the blog to repeat my favorite line from the film just because I think it's funny. The Burton Smalls kiddos (wicked good 7 -12 year olds sponsored by Burton) are featured in a segment of the film showing off their skills and being interviewed about what they want to do when they grow up. Most of the kids say pro snowboarders, one kid says a Dentist, and this one other kid ponders the question, saying, “When I grow up I just want to…I don’t know…chill.” Haha, wouldn’t that be the life, boarding and chilling for a living. Dream big Burton Smalls, dream big.


elisa kim said...

Hi! How many trails will be open this Saturday???

S Loco said...

Hey! Can't predict just yet how many trails will be open, but we've been making snow since Sunday and temperatures should allow that to continue all week until opening on Saturday. So far snowmakers have been working to cover Buckhorn, Countdown, and World Cup by the Northstar Express Quad, and they recently began blasting snow on Open Slope by our South Ridge Base Quads. So we're hoping to have complete top to bottom skiing and riding.

Jen said...

I'm so excited for opening day. I've been following the blog just about every day now for the past three weeks or so. I was so excited when opening day was projected for the 15th. Then when i read that it was going to be postponed another week i was so upset. I cant say i didn't see it coming, It had been relatively warm that previous week. But now i'm super excited. It's been so cold day and night this past week. Theres no way you guys haven't been able to make snow! It's flurried just about every day this week. The weathers looking great! Well like you said in your previous post, my idea of good tends to vary from that of non- rides! The seasons so close i'm just about itching out of my skin!I can't wait for sat!! I'll be coming by on Thursday to pick up my season pass!! and then sitting around just waiting for the season to start. I've been watching some good snowboarding vids, but they are nothing compared to the trailer to the warren miller playground trailer! I was so excited watching the trailer on youtube that i just purchaced the video online to be sent to me asap!! I bought it on ebay using buy it now! So hopefully i'll get it sometime this year. lol. I'll probably be looking for a helmet online to purchase as well. I'm hoping for that same helmet mental security. In the end i know helmet or no helmet, i'll probably just end up getting hurt anyways. I almost made it the whole season last year without an accident. Sadly the second to last weekend of the season i caught my shin when i fell from a rail grind and split my shin right open to the bone and had to get stitches. With one more week left of the season i was not about to let the stitches get in the way of ruining my last chance for some ride time! I didn't attempt any crazy park rails or jumps, but it was an enjoyable day. My new helmet won't stop me from getting hurt. I'm waiting for the next big break! I was talking to my parents the other day ago on the phone. We were discussing that it's not a matter of if i'm going to break something eventually, it's a matter of when it's going to happen! Well let's keep our fingers crossed for never, or at least not this year. God this is a long comment... Sorry. =) C ya!