Thursday, January 22, 2009

cold, schmold...what's the big deal

Last week when the weather people were sounding a lot like Chicken Little, I decided to test the weather myself. So, on Thursday, Jan 15th, in the middle of the "deep freeze" I went cross-country skiing at the Okemo Valley Nordic Center.

Temp: zero. Snow: packed powder, groomed classic tracks. Wind: minimal. Weather: sunny, with crystal blue skies. What a great afternoon it was.

You see, the benefit of Nordic skiing stay warm by being very active. I've been an alpine skier for decades now, and Nordic skiing does tend to give you a more of a total body workout. Thus, on a wintry day in Vermont, all was well with the world. I actually went out on the x-c skis four times last week. and the warmest day was in the low teens. And Mr. Frost Bite was not around.

My point....don't let the weatherman scare you. If you dress properly, cover up potentially exposed skin and ski or snowboard with a friend, being outdoors in the winter is great fun. Can you get cold? ...of course. That's why they invented base lodges, warming huts, hand warmers and hot cocoa.

So remember, as a true northern New Englander once told me: "There's no such thing as a bad weather day, just an inappropriate choice of clothing."

See you outside!!

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GravityHound said...

I am with you Dex!
The correct gear will keep you out enjoying the slopes longer - no matter what the temp!