Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wicked Nice Snow...and counting trails

Funny how the snow report this morning talked about trying out new trails. I've been skiing here for a number of years and decided it was time to "complete" my list of skiing every single trail at Okemo. And I too just traveled down Eclipse for the first time on Tuesday. I was quite please with the natural snow conditions. And the week before, I went down Rolling Thunder. I really liked Rolling Thunder... nice snow, nice pitch, and good moguls.

I'll admit, I usually hate midwinter moguls. I have memories of skiing on brutally hard snow, with shaved troughs and being absolutely miserable. So this winter, with all the natural stuff covering Okemo's mogul runs, I've been pleasantly surprised.

My current trail total is: 113 out of 119. Does Snowtrak really count? I hate walking back to the base area. I know, it's there for the guests to ski and ride home. Trails I have yet to ski are Supernova, Snowtrak, White Lightning, Rising Star, Blackhole and The Bends. How about you? My point, along with our snow reporter's is...get out and try some new stuff. Perhaps you will find a new favorite.

Have fun!

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