Friday, April 10, 2009

Is it Winter or Spring?

Once again, I awoke this morning to frosted grass and residual snow in my yard. It snowed a few days ago and left my house completely white for two days. Then, it warmed up to over 50 degrees and I went for a bike ride. (just short one from the Jackson Gore Inn to the Plymouth General Store and back - 18 miles)

Sometimes Spring in Vermont can be a confusing season. Today it was 26 degrees when I went downstairs and the temps are forecast for 50+. Go Figure! I can't really complain though. I love spring skiing and I also just got a new road bike, so I'm itching to get out and spin the wheels too.

Sadly, Winter will end on Sunday, April 12th here at Okemo. It was a fun time with good snow, fun trees skiing, soft spring moguls and so far 143 of continuous operation. Even when the last chair loads and the final Ski Patroller sweeps the hill, we'll still be thinking about that next run and what next winter has in store for us.

So, I'll go ride my bike, rake my yard, swim at the local swimming holes, go to the Friday night concerts at Jackson Gore and patiently (or not) wait for winter to come again in the Fall of 2009.

Only three days left, get out there and play. (yes, I'm counting today) See you on the snow.

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TKup said...

Ah, what would we do without alternative activities to get us through the less-snowy months. Happy riding Dexter and enjoy the new steed. And remember, keep the rubber side down.