Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friday nights, Green Mountains and Happy faces

Well, I got to my first Okemo Friday night concert last week. The Grift was playing at the Jackson Gore Base area. I arrived late, due to work and running some errands, but was pleased to discover that the concert was being held on the valley side of the Jackson Gore Inn. There's a depression in the ground, which will be the future conference center, but for right now, it makes a great amphitheatre.

There was a pretty decent crowd and the weather was good. I am pleased that I wore long pants, because the temperature dropped as the evening went on. With the slight breeze and the low temps, the bugs were not to be found. (yay!)

I had to chuckle, due to the number of young children who were sliding on their bottoms, down the grass, behind the stage. It was the perfect setting for a laundry detergent ad. I'm positive there were more than a few parents who were less than happy with the grass stained clothes which were dropped in the hamper that night.

The evening was capped off by a visit to The Killarney for some beverages and chicken wings. Boy did those wings hit the spot.

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