Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Only in Vermont

For those of you who picture Vermont as the quintessential place to be, to get away from the daily rat race of life, then this is for you. As I drove to the mountain this morning, and turned up the Mountain Road toward the clock tower base area, I drove past a maple syrup sap bucket top. Yup, the top of one of those buckets you see stuck to the side of a Maple tree in early Spring. It's that piece that looks like a little a-frame house perched on top of the bucket.

In other places I've lived, I would likely drive by the mysterious "single sneaker", or other unique things like muffler parts, road kill, etc. Only in Vermont can you drive by sap bucket parts on the side of the road. And the odd thing's almost July. We don't tap trees this late in the year.

It just reminds me of what a wonderful place Vermont is. (yeah, I know...I left it dangling). The range of tradition and technology in this state is pretty dramatic. I'm writing this down in a blog, which sends out across the Internet and I just passed by a symbol of tradition which is hundreds of years old. That's pretty cool.

Today's Suggestion: Remember to look around you even on your way to work

Have a good day!

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