Saturday, December 26, 2009

Good King Wenceslas looked out ...

Happy Saint Stephen's Day! Yes, today is the day of the feast that good 'ol Wenceslas looked out on. And just like in his day, the snow at Okemo is deep and crisp and even. Wenceslas was known for helping people like the poor man from the song who was gathering winter fuel. Some think that the U.K.'s Boxing Day came about, in part, because of Saint Stephen's Feast. Stephen was a martyr who, in his final words, asked forgivness for those who were stoning him to death.

In that spirit of goodwill, Boxing Day has typically been a day to recognize the things that people do for you all year long. It's also a good day to help those who are less fortunate or to simply offer random acts of kindness throughout the day.

At Okemo, this is shaping up to be our busiest day of the season so far and the whole week ahead is a popular time for skiers and riders to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Today would be a good time to remember Saint Stephen and to offer some simple acts of kindness ... give way to the person who arrives at the lift line the same time you do ... or hold the door for someone headed into the base lodge. Engage in conversation with lift attendants and thank them for holding the chair for you. Smile and wish a stranger a good day while out on the slopes. Imagine what it would be like if everyone on the mountain this week was courteous and giving. You can make it happen.

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Carol said...

Everytime we come up, we bring a big bag of chocolates for the lifties! I don't leave the slopes until my candy pockets are empty!