Friday, September 10, 2010

the new carpet lift is here ... the new carpet lift is here!

There's a chill in the air and signs of the changing seasons are all around us. One of those signs was delivered today on the back of a flat-bed truck. The shiny, silver metal sections of Okemo's newest lift arrived this morning.

In the heyday of surface lifts, Okemo was renowned for its network of Pomalifts. Okemo even boasted the longest Pomalift in North America. The Upper Lift, later renamed the Red Poma, measured 6,207 feet in length. Pomalifts consist of a round rubber disc at the end of a long pole connected to an overhead cable. This winter, Okemo’s final vestige of that era will be dismantled and mothballed to make room for a newer, more user-friendly surface lift for young children learning how to ski. The Snow Star Poma, located in the Galaxy Bowl Learning Area at Okemo’s Clock Tower Base Area, is being replaced with a180-foot, magic-carpet-style surface lift.

“The new carpet lift will help shorten the learning curve for beginning Snow Stars participants,” said Okemo Ski + Ride School Director Dan Bergeron. “When ready, children will transition from the smaller Skywalker Carpet lift without having to learn how to ride a new style of lift. As a result, children will be able to move up to the larger Galaxy Bowl slope sooner than before. The new carpet lift will also have greater capacity, meaning more ski time for Okemo’s youngest new skiers!”

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