Tuesday, November 9, 2010

News from the frontline

Barry Tucker, VP of Mountain Ops shares his thoughts on the state of the mountain...

Q: Any snowmaking in the forecast?

A: The overall trends in the weather for the next few days do not look any better than the last week. However, Ray and crew have had a great opportunity to fine tune the system and stage for a real aggressive program when the temps happen.

Q: What is the crew up to in the meantime?

A: We have been putting a lot of effort into finishing our mountain coaster - The Timber Ripper. It's a much larger project than we originally planned, but that's OK! We have one of Wiegand's top installers on the job to guide us and help coordinate our efforts. If there is anything our Mountain Ops team likes, it is a real challenge and this is one of them. The finished product will be worth the effort. It is going to be one of the premier coaster rides in the country, if not #1 and the natural topography the coaster is located on is very unique, providing quite a ride!

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