Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Bridging' the gap

Another major step towards finishing the Mountain Coaster was completed today. This morning at 8:30, the Mountain Ops team craned the bridge to the Jackson Gore base into position. Your loyal Okemo Mountain snow reporters got to witness this spectacle first-hand and let me say, the evidence of careful planning and solid teamwork was clear. The bridge was positioned on the concrete blocks in only 30 minutes!

The bridge contains two levels of track. The lower will connect to the 1600' uphill climb, and the top will carry you back across the river on the way down to the Jackson Gore base at up to 25 mph! This is going to be such a great ride, we can't wait to see it completed!

Stay tuned and think snow!


Allie said...

Is this for summer or winter use?

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

All year round!

Brian J. said...

is there still any hope of eventually erecting the godola from Jackson Gore base to the top of Okemo mountain?

Erik said...

looks awesome! what is the expected completion date? Look forward to checking it out next time I'm up snowboarding :D