Monday, December 20, 2010

Got a nice present...

I've taken a lot of heat the past few weeks on getting the real estate trails open, so when I got this message yesterday it made my day. Thought I would share it:

Dave from Kettle Brook here.

First much thanks for getting KB trail open!

Second, your mountain ops team deserves high praise for the outstanding conditions. I was lucky enough to be the first skier over at South Face this AM, and the conditions were absolutely spectacular. Not what I expected for the first day of skiing on those trails.

Right now you have some of the best conditions I've seen for this time of year in a number of years which is saying a lot considering the lack of significant natural snow to date... Granted we've had a good spell of cold weather but so has your regional competition and right now you are providing a far superior product. It's not
always about the number of open trails, but the quality of what's on those trails.. and right now your guys have nailed it.

Merry Christmas to you
and your team!

Dave & Cathy
Kettle Brook

For tonight, snowmaking will continue on Big Bang, Eclipse, Tuckered Out and Southern Crossing. (Our snowmakers should have an awesome view of the eclipse!)
We anticipate opening the Morning Star lift and trails by Friday. For the holiday week look for Dreamweaver and snow tubing to come online. And last but not least... look for the Timber Ripper to open before Christmas. As soon as I have the day, I will pass it along.

Take care,

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Brian J. said...

A belated thanks for opening Sachem. For those of us on the trail, Okemo is just so much more enjoyable when we can start our ski day with a walk to the trail. My favorite late night sound: the sound of the grooming machine at, say, 3 am.

You guys do an amazing job.

Brian J