Friday, November 18, 2011

Groceries in Ludlow

Everyone familiar with Okemo knows the devastation Hurricane Irene dropped on us at the end of August. The transformation from Sunday morning August 28th to today is nothing short of amazing. At last count only two or three sections of road in the whole state were still closed for repair. Locally all of our roads are now open and accessible. If you followed Facebook or You Tube during the aftermath you might have seen a tent in the Shaw's Supermarket parking lot. After the store was totally wiped out, Shaw’s set up their first ever, tent market to accommodate the basic needs of residents. Believe me everyone has been extremely grateful.

However, the devastation has required a total renovation of the store. While the crews have put in long hours every day, they are now far enough along to know that they will not be in the building until probably mid January. The tent will stay until that day but we wanted to let everyone know ahead of their vacationing at Okemo, that it will not be shopping as normal at Shaw’s Supermarket. The basics will still be there, but the space is small. We have all survived and you will as well with a little extra planning and knowledge of some of our local secret gems.

In nearby Proctorsville, Singleton's Store stocks a wonderful meat counter with hand cut selections, including their famous smoked bacon as well as groceries and wonderful specialty items. Right around the corner Crow's Bakery is stocked with bread, pies, cookies and more. If you access Okemo via 103, you have been passing Lisai's market in Chester, right next to the train station. Lisai's also has a well stocked meat counter as well as a full service grocery.. Besides these gems, there is a large full service Shaws market in Springfield complete with a fresh produce and a fresh fish counter. Perhaps plan to stay on the highway one more exit and you will go right by the store on your way to Ludlow.

So never fear. Life does go on. All us local folk have eaten quite well for the past three months, but it does require a little extra planning. Now that you know, make your own plan. Perhaps call ahead if you have special requests. Pack a bag of some basics for that first night. Hit the local gas station markets for milk on our way into town. It will be fine.

We're looking forward to winter and having all our loyal fans back home and on the slopes. See you soon and THINK SNOW!!!!!


Rain or Shine Tent and Events said...

Shaws has just about doubled the tent space this past weekend. Therefore, there will be more options right here in Ludlow.

Rain or Shine Tent and Events said...

Shaws has just (Nov 20th) doubled their tent space. They have now more to offer Ludlow residents.

Green Mountains said...

Shaw's has indeed extended it's temporary structure by 2,400 square feet. A large BEER and WINE selection is now being offered as well as an expanded line of snacks, water and bulk paper products.

Come check it out.

Cathy K said...


As a part time Ludlow resident and owner of a ski rental I am concerned about Shaw's decision to fill their new tent with beer and wine. The reality is that there are PLENTY OF OTHER PLACES in Ludlow to buy beer and wine (Wine & Cheese Depot, Brewfest Beverage Company, and Sunoco - all within a stones throw of Shaw's). What Ludlow needs is a GROCERY STORE THAT SELLS FOOD. The current selection in the store is small and poor enough on a regular basis. When the skiing starts in Dec-Jan-Feb and there are literally thousands of skiers/family members coming into town where are they supposed to buy food? While there are smaller markets around Ludlow (as mentioned in the post) these are VERY SMALL markets that cannot handle capacity crowds either. While I applaud the fact that Shaw's has remained open during difficult times as a service to the community, this decision is nothing more than a way to make a profit on heavily marked up items. Shame on you Shaws! LUDLOW NEEDS FOOD!