Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another great night of snowmaking!

The crew made snow on several trails including the lower half of Upper World Cup, Lower World Cup, Drop off and Link. It was also the beginning of snowmaking on Timberline and Jolly Green.

The thermometer was moving around all night with some real fluctuations. With the sky as clear as it was last night, we were hoping for a little colder temperatures. In talking with our weather forecaster, Tony, it looks like this unseasonable weather pattern should be ending this week. He thinks this unseasonable pattern we are stuck in should break by Wednesday and we should begin to see some more normal winter weather. Let’s hope he is correct.

Sunny skies today with temps in the 40’s. Snowmaking will end up shutting down today and the guys will get a couple warm days off. We anticipate being able to make snow again beginning Tuesday night. We are as aggressive as we can with the temperatures that we have. Our goal is to get top to bottom skiing and get out of the shuttling business as soon as possible. At the same time we will be heading towards Jackson Gore and Solitude to begin to spread out the traffic.

Enjoy the sun today!

General Manager


johnnysaw said...

Ever consider that the recent weather pattern might be Karma for your recent policy change regarding 'Try it before you buy it/Take 60'?

Lame move Okemo.

Dave said...

@Johnnysaw - Did you ever consider the fact that Okemo was one of only 3 ski areas in Vermont open at that time of that blog post? Perhaps it was in reality vindication of their policy.

In all seriousness, personally I was tired of seeing people freeload an hour of skiing even on the best of days when most people, even those that would only ski an hour or maybe 90 minutes on a weekend had either paid for a pass that allowed them to ski during that time or bought a ticket. All this move did was bring Okemo in line with virtually every other ski are in the region. And c'mon, is it really that difficult to know what the true conditions are before you head up the lift.

I say good move Okemo for changing this policy