Monday, December 26, 2011



I wrote an apology letter to Old
Man winter. I expressed my sincere apologies for all the bad things I have said
about him through my life. The letter
came back as undeliverable! Now that is
concerning…. So back to reality. Okemo has the MOST snow around and we are
proud of it. Heck, even the Abominable
snowman has taken residence at Okemo because we have the snow!

Snowmaking is continuing to be
aggressive. We have been able to open 46
trails which is over 17 miles of ski and ride able terrain. 16 lifts are operating on several mountain
areas. Our plan will be to make snow on
terrain such as Stump Jumper, Vortex, Quantum Leap, Kettle Brook, Chute, and
Lower Chief as well as on existing terrain.
We are well aware of the need to resurface on some of the more popular
trails with snowmaking to keep the skiing and riding up to par. Although there may be some time of no
snowmaking during the next 24 hours or so, once snowmaking resumes on
Wednesday, we are optimistic of having open 50 – 52 trails by the New Year’s

Our experiment with mid-day
grooming has been working out well. In
case you don’t know, Okemo has been taking the groomers out around noon and
grooming a few trails to enhance the surface.
This is an effort to make the experience of skiing at Okemo better
during this holiday week.

Work will continue as quickly as
possible on the ski in/ski out trails. There
is no one set of trails more important than the other. We have discussed how we
can best utilize our snowmaking system, length of trail; air capacity and time
of getting snow on the trails as we make decisions on were to make snow.

As the New Year approaches, I wanted to wish everyone a
Happy New Year and thank you for skiing and riding with us during this holiday
week and the ski season. Remember Okemo
has the “MOST” skiing in Vermont and we’ve got the most snow

Happy Holidays and see you on
the slopes……….

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo GM


Cathy K said...

Bruce, I have a question for you. Today, Dec 28th, Killington and Pico reported 6" new snow as of 4PM. It's been snowing all day at Okemo. Why isn't there any mention of the snow amount at Okemo on your afternoon report? It seems that this is a pattern for Okemo Mountain. I would think that with the scarcity of early season snow you'd treat news of snowfall like gold.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Okemo1-2 said...


It did snow periodically during the day, but we had not received any accumulation that we felt that we could honestly speak about. There was a considerable difference between Okemo and Killington by this morning, Okemo 2-3/Killington 6"+. When it did snow beginning after 4pm or so, we had done our afternoon update. We did mention the new snow this morning. Yes snowfall is gold and we want to be as honest as possible. Thanks for the comment.

Happy new year


platinum dave said...

Are you gonna work on ledgewood soon?

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

Dave - yes we are. Ledgewood is on the hit list for the next few days.