Saturday, January 7, 2012

Looking into the Crystal Ball.....


I’ve stopped complaining about
the weather. I was told when I was young
to only worry about things you can control.
No doubt the weather is out of our control. Okemo is continuing to make snow when we can.
We are well on our way to the 400 million gallon number that we normally use
for snowmaking each year. Snowmaking
will continue to be aggressive as temperatures permit. Okemo snowmaking has been working on
completing the snowmaking trails and we now are headed to the Morningstar
trails, Upper and Lower Nor’easter as well as finish up some of the smaller cut
thru’s. 25.7 miles are now open for
skiing and riding.

With the sporadic snowmaking
temperatures we have faced during the season, the Grooming staff has been
bringing the trails back to life each night.
We are doing a trail or two a night with the winch cat. When this
process is done, the winch cat either hitches off another cat at the top of a
steep trail or hitches into a cable which is drilled into the ledge during the
summer. The winch cat then brings the
snow up from the bottom to help spread the snow out. Midday grooming is also happening on most
weekends to freshen up the snow and enhance the skiing and riding experience.

Looking at the long range
weather, my crystal ball is showing a change.
I anticipate a change beginning after Martin Luther King weekend and
looking colder and stormier. We are
hoping to begin making snow in the Superpipe during the next cold snap. Everyone should also be on the lookout for the
Amp Air Bag. This unique feature will allow skiers and riders to ski down a
ramp and do your favorite trick and land in an airbag similar to what Hollywood
stunt men use. Should be fun to do and

As always thanks for skiing and
riding with us. If you want to follow what is going on from my desk, follow me
on twitter @okemogm

Happy Holidays and see you on
the slopes……….

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo GM

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