Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday George Washington...........


Do you think that if George Washington were alive he would ski or snowboard?  I think ski, but try snowboarding as he was a man of the people and was willing to be a rebel.  We know he would enjoy winter sports after the winter he spent at Valley Forge he showed he could handle the cold and snow...

Washington’s Birthday weekend is upon us and the weather is looking good, the snow conditions are ideal and the mountain is in great shape. The staff is ready for the next 10 days and we are looking for a chance to wow our guests.  All 19 lifts will be operating each day and the lifts will open at 8am, 7:45am for those who have an Ultra Pass or are Gold pass holders.  The Big Air Bag will be open as well Tubing and the Mountain Coaster as well as Nastar.

Contrary to popular belief by some, including SF, Snowmaking will be continuing and building depth and enhancing the surface.  We plan to fire up the guns after the weekend as the temperatures permit and get after it.  The snowmakers have been helping on the lifts and shoveling decks as they wait for the go ahead.

Snowcat Excursions will be happening during the holiday week. This is a great way to see the grooming operation going on, check out the trails by going uphill and see the town from the summit. 

So this was a little update on what is happening as we head into the week.  Okemo staff is looking forward to providing the Okemo Difference. Let me know how we are doing.  Good or bad, it is always helpful to know how things are going from guests eyes…..

Happy Birthday George Washington………

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo GM

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