Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Barry Tucker - VP of Mountain Operations. After 32 Years we say Thank you.....


On Friday August 30th, Barry Tucker will drive down the mountain one last time as an Okemo employee. Barry has worked at Okemo since February of 1982.  Being the humble man he is, he would always tell you that what was accomplished with him as the Mountain Manager and VP of Mountain Operations was because of the team. There is no doubt that is true. Barry always surrounded himself with good employees.  He always told me it is good to surround yourself with others who are smarter than you so they can do what you might not be able to.  Even though Barry always preached team, there is no doubt that the team would have never been as successful without the leadership he provided.  He knew when to lead in the front, but he also knew when to lead from behind and mentor and teach those around him.

There will be many memories shared, stories retold and all and all reminiscing about the years that Barry has been at the helm at Okemo.  He has only had two job titles at Okemo, Mountain Manager and Vice-President of Mountain Operations. To be honest, he would have been happy with no title.  Barry was never one to stand in the spotlight, but he was always been very proud of all that has been accomplished during the years.  Barry has always stood strong for Tim and Diane and Okemo Mountain Resort.  He required you to respect the company and while he would listen to concerns employees might have, he was always quick to let you know when he disagreed with you.  It was always eye opening for me when I would have a conversation with Barry about something that was on my mind or I was struggling with in my job and a few days later, he would come back with some additional feedback or thoughts. He has always been the type of guy who thought about you as an employee and cared for you as a person.

I know I speak for many of us when I say that I am the person I am because of Barry.  Many of us grew up in our families, were molded as individuals during our younger years and then we began to work for Okemo and learned so much more from Barry. Many times we never even knew he was mentoring us, it was just his way.  When we had tough choices to make, Barry would listen to us.  When we had career paths to choose, we sought out his advice.  I can honestly say that I am the Okemo VP & GM because of Barry’s support, guidance and direction. 

So we now must say goodbye and wish Barry Tucker the best of luck. He has earned an enjoyable retirement and years of doing what he wants to do with his family and friends.  We all know he will be hard at work on something and it is for that very reason that we respect and admire him so much.

Bruce Schmidt

Okemo GM

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