Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Okemo takes on Boreas


11/27/13 – 2:23pm
Have no fear, Okemo will be returning to our prior form very soon.  Unless you live in Western NY, you have been experiencing the same weather as Okemo.  It has been wet and no matter how much we try to put lipstick on the pig, it is still a pig and you only frustrate the pig making them wear lipstick.  So it is wet and then it is going to get cold.  I think there is a saying like, “it isn’t the adversity that is recalled, it is how your react to the adversity”! 

Okemo is going to come out strong with snowmaking beginning Wednesday night.  Our plan is to let the snow sit and drain out Wednesday night and not groom during the 3pm shift.  We will have the Midnight groomers poised and ready to go to smooth things out and at the same time we will be getting the snowmaking going.  We are planning on trying to resurface the trails and then ski them without grooming.  We are hopeful that the new snow guns and the snowmakers skill we can do this.  At the same time we will be moving on to some other terrain.  Sidewinder isn’t too far away from being finished and we are planning on heading towards Wardance as well as Exhibition, which we already started on.

Saturday night as the clock strikes Midnight, we will be heading into Jackson Gore and working on many of the trails over there.  Blue Moon, Sunset Strip, Lower Limelight, Inn Bound, Expresso and Fast Track are some of the first ones.  At the same time we will look to begin on Moonshadow, Bull Run and begin to head towards the South Face area once Jackson Gore is finished. That is probably the middle of next week or weekend. 

We also realize the need for us to make snow on some of the trails with lodging on them.  They area also in our viewfinder with Sachem probably being our first one to knock off and then looking towards Line Drive and head towards Kettle Brook and Ledgewood.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday are looking to be very nice. Sunny skies and temperatures 20 - 30 or so. Thanks for your support and confidence in all of us here at Okemo as we get through Winter Storm Boreau’s.  While he did have some bite, I don’t think he was as bad as was forecasted and we will recover in no time.

I hope that everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday and a Joyous Hanukah celebration

Thanks for reading and enjoy the snow either on your skis or board!

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo GM

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