Monday, July 30, 2007

More Snow Early!

Good news!

I just heard that thirty new HKD tower guns designed to project snow with pinpoint accuracy will be installed on the mountain this coming season. This will enable us to open trails like Sachem and Kettlebrook ~ where more focused snow blowing is required ~ even earlier. Yahoo!

Plus - we'll be offering up a "taste test" of sorts with a variety of new, highly efficient snowmaking guns on the lower mountain. Come sample the snow from guns produced by Snow Economics, with four different configurations. Did you know that things like adjustable water flow levers, nozzle versatility and new valving technology all contribute to the texture of the snow? The goal is to be able to produce more snow at closer to freezing temperatures. Our snowmaking gurus will be testing about 15 of them so that they can decided which are the best to invest in for next year.

What it means for you is more snow and more trails early... I say that's pretty good news on a Monday morning! Don't ya think?

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