Tuesday, July 24, 2007


What Okemomma meant to say was snowmaking pond filler...not rain.

And, does anyone have some children I can borrow....for dancing in the rain. Sounds like there will be plenty of opportunity later this week. I recall from childhood (blurry as it was) that storms were best spent in mud puddles. So be sure to have plenty of puddles for your kids....make 'em wide and slightly deeper than they expect.

as for those mice......sounds like Silver Linings has started a deep sea diving program for her local herd of furry critters. I must admit, mice do like to proliferate in the VT countryside. I used to think they were only a winter probably, as they came indoors to enjoy the warmth and some free food. But now I realize, with my own house, that mice like to hang out all summer long too.


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